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'Fire In The Sky' is my 5-track debut E.P. and it is about reclaiming your passion for life. It’s about the journey’s we go through internally to find our power. It travels through the darkest corners of depression, anxiety and emotional turbulence with compassion and discovers this vulnerability as a new found strength. This is a conversation starter, long car ride companion and kitchen dance floor creator.


The 'Fire In The Sky' Compact Disc (CD) comes in a lovely 4-panel gatefold recycled cardboard case, with artwork by Renee Chapman, credits and a nice little note for you.

This EP is an environmentally friendly choice created by Austep music who is a small carbon neutral business, who plant a native tree for every job printed, & purchase further carbon credits through a gold standard accredited company who donates efficient cook stoves to Kenyan families.

Fire In The Sky EP

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